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DualCon 2023

February 11, 2023


Gaming Convention with Video Gaming programming

A con with two sides. One for table-top gaming: RPGs, board games, miniatures, LARPS, card games, and dice games. Another for video gaming: console games, arcade machines, computer games, mobile devices, pinball, VR, and simulator. The plan is to fill each side of the hall with games, vendors, creators, and related aspects of each type of gaming. Like two cons for one.

Gaming brings joy to so many. Something fun to do. Opens up imagination. Teaches us new things and skills. And most importantly brings us closer to others. Making new friends, deepen older friendships, and developing a sense of community with fellow gamers. That is what we are about; play games, talk about games, build games, and love games.

So raise your goblet or energy drink to this journey that we are going on. To DualCon. Let It Begin.


Charleston Convention Center
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